postheadericon How to buy a yacht: a guide for beginners

In this guide to purchase yachts for beginners you will find many tips to make the whole process easy, simple and fast.Buying a yacht can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of our lives as it has the potential to change the way we enjoy our free time with friends and family, and why not, also alone. However, such as buying a house or a car, it can also be stressful, so offersthis guide to guide buyer who has finally decided to buy their first yacht or who needs to remember the steps to be taken in the purchase process.

If we buy a new yacht the agent will take care of almost all the procedures, but it is still important to know the process of buying a second-hand yacht since some tips are valid for both cases.


The first thing is to decide which yacht is best suited to your plans and budget: It is important to remember that you must compare the price of the yacht that interests you with others of the same type since the second-hand yacht market groups similar yachts with very different prices, even in the case of yachts that came out of the same mold in the same year, and neither the most expensive nor the cheapest option tend to be the best: more expensive does not mean more quality or better maintenance and often the bargains hide problems. It is very easy to search and filter searches on and we will quickly get an idea of ​​what is in the market.

Arrange a visit

On your first visit to the ship, if you do not have the help of a broker, you can have a friend or someone of confidence who knows well the type of yachtyou have chosen and who can advise you. Youneed to start by checking the condition of the interior of the yacht: you will look at the carpentry, the engine, the electrical installation, tanks, bilge, kitchen, bathrooms and other compartments. If you are satisfied with the general condition you can then take the yacht out of the water and inspect the hull and its components. This cost is usually borne by the buyer, but you can try to negotiate a discount on the purchase price, if it were to occur.If you detect problems that are not too serious, you can write down everything to budget the necessary arrangements and negotiate a discount.

Navigation test

It’s time to try the yacht. Also here a broker or agent can be of great help because if you do not have much experience it will be difficult to detect some less common problems. Depending on the yacht, you can hire a skipper or invite an experienced friend who will surely be in a better position to assess the behavior of the yacht and its equipment. The test must be done with time and in different sea conditions.


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