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House owners are more interested to have big windows. The window would be large in size. The glass would be covered. The glass cannot be cleaned more frequently. The dust passes all the glass windows and the people inside could not see anything clear in the outside. The blinds would be apt to cover the windows. At the same time, manually operated blinds would be not working after some time. The owner of the home would be worried about it. At the same time, placing, good motorised blinds would be good for all glass placed places. It is very simple to operate with the remote switches. The glass would be clean from the internal dust. More dusts are formed on the glass only from the internal. Outside there would be good wind, wind carries less dust. That is the reason any person could clean the window with a small piece of cloth. The motor could be oiled to work without sound. The oil applying on the motor blind is very easy. There are oil cans with cap, once the cap is removed, a person can push the bottle and pour the oil on the motor. In this case, blinds would be at good condition. In many houses, the roof is leak, and that is the reason blinds also spoiled.

For this purpose, good waterproofing specialist is required. Specialist would check complete roof and make the roof without any leak with the less charges.  Sitting near to glass window and drinking alcohol would be nice experience for all, at the same time, it leads to jaundice. The jaundice home treatment with phototherapy treatment rental is available for these people. The treatment could be had at short time duration. The cure is confirmed if the patient is co-operating with the technicians and for the doctors. Once there is extreme alcohol in the liver, the liver spoils and the jaundice comes to a patient. He would find everything with yellow color; this is the first symptom of the disease. Once the liver completely damaged, that person must have to face a lot of problems. He could even die due to the disease. Of course, once a person is taking liquor he also should take supportive medicine for liver. In that case, he could prolog in normal condition for a long time. However, butter is good for the liver and a person should take butter before drinking hot.

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